To a friend sadly missed

Bert, a very private generous and unique person, he had an aura, a magnetism that drew people to him. When we reunited after so many years for the tour 2008 I asked him to play something/anything for me he chose, played and sang “Blackwaterside”. He instinctively knew it was my all time favourite; it made me cry.

That song will stay in my thoughts as a wonderful memory of Bert.
Thanks Terry
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Pentangle reunite again for exclusive summer performances and work on new material

Following their triumphant 40th anniversary reunion tour in 2008, the original members of Pentangle: Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson and Terry Cox – each one a legend in their own right – will reunite again to perform three special shows this summer. The band will appear at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday 25 June, as special guests at Cambridge Folk Festival on Saturday 30 July, and again at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Monday 1 August.
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Thank you Moondog

During the recording of the double album “Sweet Child” I realised that all the other members had included solo tracks so Iset about doing one track myself.

Many year earlier I first heard some percussion work by “MOONDOG” recorded live on the street where he played every day in New York City.The material was of great interest to me as he used unusual time signatures.

When I was having drum lessons and since Iived outside London I traveled by train and listened carefully to the rhythm of the wheels in contact with the track which i tribute to listening to MOONDOG.
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Pentangle to play live summer 2011

After a succesfful UK tour in 2008, i’m happy to announce that Pentangle will be playing live again this summer. We’re playing the on Saturday 25th June, on 30th July and the on August 1st.

Also keep your eyes peeled for a release of a live CD from 2008 and hopefully one from this year too.

Cheers Terry

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New Recordings – FAB

Hi, Here’s some of my latest work playing with a band called FAB (as in the Fab 4). Playing guitar are local guitarists and Nacho Paricio. On bass is Jose Gomez and my good self on drums.

The songs are 1) Dejit by Nacho Paricio, 2) Lo tomas o lo dejas by Icar Toset , 3) Puesto de sol by Terry Cox, 4) Vivir Para Ver by Terry Cox

[audio:dejit.mp3, lo_tomas_o_lo_dejas.mp3, puesto_de_sol.mp3,vivir_para_ver.mp3,|titles=Dejit, Lo Tomas o lo Dejas, Puesto de Sol, Vivir Para Ver,|artists=FAB]

Music and treatment saved my life

I have been most of my life something that I inherited from my Mum. I did a concert here as I may have mentioned (failing memory) to inform people of this taboo subject. In my case I have black periods when I am unable to leave the house, think, speak, and have suicidal thoughts (jumped under a car once and was in hospital for 8 months). The damage to Jill and Morgan and Dylan is unimaginable. My condition is chronic so I will continue this way for life. Fortunately music has, together with treatment, saved my life. I am offering my story to the local in the hope that it might help. The press have done several interviews with me but all in Catalan so cant send them sadly.

Best Wishes Terry.

What I’ve been up to

In 2007 Pentangle were awarded a lifetime achievement honor which led to our 2008 tour of the UK. As the only member of the group who had never had a CD under my own name, I went ahead with my project which I have called Twice Upon A Time. This refers to my good fortune having had two chances in my career.

To cut to the chase I am hoping to reach publishers and record companies and post the music on the internet. I have had some interest but the music industry is not in good shape right now. I am currently playing with 3 groups and composing vigorously. One of the groups has been entered in a competition in Majorca so fingers crossed.

Welcome to Terry Cox Drums

Welcome to Terrycoxdrums. The personal web site for Terry Cox of Pentangle.

Finally got the new site launched. Hope you like it. Be sure to check out the video section for some snippets of my recent work. Hopefully i’ll be posting some new music on here in the not too distant future.

In the mean time here’s a sample track from one of latest musical collaborations.


Cheers Terry :  )