3 thoughts on “Pentangle Photos on Flickr”

  1. Hi Terry,

    I’ve loved The Pentangle for a long time. Do you remember what kind of glockenspiel you used with Pentangle?



  2. Hi Terry,

    Your website looks great.

    Don’t know if you remember me, but we used to have a group back in High Wycombe in the 50s. I played sax (not very well!) and even back then I knew you were going places. I was always impressed by your ability to play one beat with your right hand and a different beat with your left (is that called ‘separation?).

    So glad to hear you were able to revive Pentangle — have always loved what you guys did. I’m still picking up your stuff off of iTunes. Really dig ‘Moondog’ and always loved ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’ among others.

    My wife Peggy and I emigrated to Canada in 1957 and I had to decide between music as a career, or graphic design (you may remember that I went to the Tech for design). I knew I was a better designer than I was a musician and have been very successful in that field. Also taught graphic design later in my career. But I never lost my love of music — jazz in particular.

    We still live in Canada and I am now retired.

    What are you up to nowadays? Do you still have your restaurant? Are you still playing?

    Peg and I would really like to hear from you. Do drop us an email when you have a minute.

    All the best,


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