Music and treatment saved my life

I have been most of my life something that I inherited from my Mum. I did a concert here as I may have mentioned (failing memory) to inform people of this taboo subject. In my case I have black periods when I am unable to leave the house, think, speak, and have suicidal thoughts (jumped under a car once and was in hospital for 8 months). The damage to Jill and Morgan and Dylan is unimaginable. My condition is chronic so I will continue this way for life. Fortunately music has, together with treatment, saved my life. I am offering my story to the local in the hope that it might help. The press have done several interviews with me but all in Catalan so cant send them sadly.

Best Wishes Terry.

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  1. Dear Terry,
    You probably don’t remember me, but we were at Spring Gardens primary school in High Wycombe at the same time and actually sat next to each other in the same class at one time. We met up again when you had started learning the drums and you sat in with the jazz band at the RGS of which I was a member. The last time I saw you was in London some years later when I bumped into you in Piccadilly. You had already begun to make a name for yourself in the music business and, as I recall, you were wearing a very splendid overcoat!
    I was so sorry to hear about your illness. I have a good friend who is bipolar so I have an idea of what it entails. I wish you and your family all the very best for the future. Above all, keep on playing.
    Best wishes,
    Geoffrey Warner
    PS. By the way, did you ever come across the late Colin Purbrook, the jazz pianist? I met him at university and we played together once or twice. Like you, he was way, way above my standard.

  2. Hi Terry, taking you back to 1982, an unhappy time for you and you may or may not remember us, but Ian was an x-ray porter and I was one of your nurses during your stay in hospital – just to show that some strange goodness can come out of bad situations, we have just celebrated our 27th Wedding anniversary and our youngest sons 21st birthday at Fairports cropredy convention, where Jacqui McShee was performing. You played a big part in getting Ian & I together as I remember on those many trips to x-ray – so some clouds etc.,……. Very bestwishes, Nicky & ian.

  3. Hi Terry!,

    Write me,



    Is it OK to put you on my emusos mailing list? Hawkshaw, Clem, Benbow et alia. If so send me your email address.

  4. Hi Terry, Sorry if this e-mail seems a bit trivial but I am trying to establish the year that I saw Pentangle at the Albert Hall. Any idea of the date? I believe it was in the late 60s. Apart from the great music, I remember it for two other reasons. Firstly, on leaving the venue I found that my car had been towed away by the police. Secondly, and I remember this distinctly, we were chatting to a lady sitting in the row in front of us – she told us proudly that she was, ” The drummer’s mother.”

    Coincidentally, the previous message is from John Fiddy, who I believe attended the same school as myself, South Harringay Junior School, North London!

    Kind regards,

    Barrie Maskell

  5. Dear Terry
    I hope that you don’t mind me writing to you. I am aware that during the 1960’s my uncle Harold McNair played for you and as this would have been his 80th year, I am trying to put together any memories or photos that people may have of him.

    I have listened and loved Harold’s music since I was in my teens and would like, if possible, to ask those people who knew and played with him to share any memories they have of Harold for me and my family. As a family, we have very little of Harold except some second hand albums that I have collected over the years and a couple of photos that my mother, his sister Daphne, has. It would be great if you have anything, memories or memorabilia, that you feel you could share with us, or even spare the time for a phone call.

    Dave Bryson
    Mobile 07737421657

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