To a friend sadly missed

Bert, a very private generous and unique person, he had an aura, a magnetism that drew people to him. When we reunited after so many years for the tour 2008 I asked him to play something/anything for me he chose, played and sang “Blackwaterside”. He instinctively knew it was my all time favourite; it made me cry.

That song will stay in my thoughts as a wonderful memory of Bert.
Thanks Terry

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  1. Hi Terry,
    This is just a quick note to comment on your thoughts and memories of Bert Jansch, which you have encapsulated so movingly in just a few words. I was lucky enough to see and meet you all when Pentangle played at the Sage in Gateshead, in spite of being told off by a rather grumpy John for taking up too much time in the queue with my CD signings! Nevertheless, I could not have wished for a better ending to a fantastic night of first class music.
    What an outstanding performance that was, and I was already looking forward to your next tour. Sadly, that will now never be. Yourself and Bert were especially notable and, forgive me for saying this, but your ages did not reflect the least on your playing. Indeed, I had no idea how much you yourself contributed vocally to the songs.
    The passing of Bert really is a milestone in musical history. Like so many thousands up and down the country I was inspired to take up guitar by the likes of Bert and Donovan, and my Pentangle collection was very special to me. My (now signed and treasured) CDs bring that music to life, a reflection on times that will never return.
    Thank you all for giving us such quality music over the years. Bert will be sadly missed.
    John Skillcorn

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