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  1. Hi Terry, I love your drumming and would love to interview you via telephone regarding your great early ’70s work with Elton my upcoming definitive biography, ‘Captain Fantastic: Elton John in the 1970s’. I’ve interviewed nearly 50 folks, including nearly every musician Elton worked with in the ’70s, and would love to add your memories. Please message me via Facebook. Thanks. – David // email: // mobile: 480-334-0330

  2. Seen that live performance of Travelling song on you tube, is a good piece of music and top notch Drumming playing and singing from the five of yous.I was born in the same hospital as Bert Jansch stobhill in Glasgow though only found that out accidently, after listening to one song from Christy Moore who mentioned Hamish Imlach who mentioned Davey Graham and Bert Jansch,which led on to Pentangle ,Incredible string band and other great artists.Cant believe Charles Aznavour ignored you after six years of work with him,a right Charlie eh.Live performance of the Travelling song sounds better than the studio version.I think most people even in Scotland wouldn’t know of Bert Jansch which is quiet sad considering the amount of masterpieces he put out.Not to many interviews from the folkieish people of that time.Ive seen only one decent interview, a Clive Palmer interview on you tube which was quiet interesting.Can you do one ? to hear from somebody who was there is priceless.There was a documentary on you tube about Bert Jansch was ok.Though Clive Palmers had a lot more info on his.Somebody should have sat Bert,Davey Graham ,Hamish imlach,John Renbourn, yourself ? and co down and recorded their whole life stories and musical experiences.Is a music cultural history which is unlikely to be repeated.Travelling to Africa or thru Syria n the middle east like Clive Palmer will never happen again.Watching the music people like yourself telling the stories would be a real inspiration.

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