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I am happy to share with you these songs. Terry

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  1. Hi Terry -I’m writing the booklet notes for a reissue of the Ashton Lord album, First Of The Big Bands. I was wondering if you had any recollections of recording this? It’s a real detective job, as it was begun in late 1971 and finished two years later, and released a year after that, plus they used 4 different studios (Air, Apple, De Lane Lea and Island).
    I think the tracks you worked on may be the ones done at Air in November 1972. Most of the contemporary tape logs I have been given show that they were using two drummers on the same sessions (yourself and Gerry Conway on one). There are also two guitarists named – Jim and Colin, but no surnames.
    Anyhow, anything you might recall would be great, such as how you came to work on the tracks, who else was there, etc.

    all the best

    Simon Robinson

  2. Hola Terry, he oido hablar de ti aqui en Menorca y estoy empezando a conocer tu música y tu biografia como bateria. Ahora estoy escuchando tu trabajo. Me gustan mucho “Land of the free” “Doctor, preacher,..” The “midnight movie”. En general los temas guardan una linea fresca, intima y relajante.
    Tambien me estoy introduciendo en tu época de Pentangle. Música Folkie muy buena hecha con el corazón. Pura artesania. Saludos.

  3. Hi Terry, I’ve just sent you an email but not sure if it actually sent. If you don’t receive it pls let me know.
    Thanks Billy Forsyth x

  4. Hi Terry,
    Hope you and your wife Gill are well. I’ve been trying to track you down for ages, I am also in touch with Danny Thompson via email. My two girls are now grown up and I have 3 grandchildren, I live in Chislehurst in Kent, am keeping well and am celebrating my 75th birthday on Sunday!
    Glad to see you are still working hard, I don’t forget the great times we had in the States on tour. Send my love to Jackie, John and Bert
    Be lovely to hear from you
    Billy & Eileen Forsyth

  5. Fascinating stuff, it is always nice to find a couple of drummer sites on the internet. There aren’t all that many websites around about drums that I’ve discovered at any rate. I am going to subscribe to your feed then see what you come out with next!

  6. Hi Terry & Jill,.
    Have just been listening to these tracks, perfect for getting you to relax after a long day or better still great music to listen to during work. Keeps the boss in his office and off my back and the other lazy louts away from my desk……. I now see why you got the award, excellent taste and great quality, guess there a little jazz in everyone but a bit more in me, I can now see what my dad saw in music
    particularly jazz. (God bless his soul). Mum too.
    Will continue to visit your site and listen. Wishing you and Jill all the best please say hi to Margan and Dylan.
    Regards. Paul & Gary Sailsman from 118..

  7. Hi Terry,
    You may well not recognise my name, but our paths have all but crossed many times back in the ’60s and ’70s, when I was in the music business, I’m currently working on and off with Jon Hiseman (edited hs biography and subsequently trying to promote it).
    The reason I am making contact is because I recently posted a blog “Whatever happened to Duffy Power?” and just had a ‘comment’ claiming that “he died in a car crash in 1976”. I haven’t been able to find any site that confirms this, indeed some pages say he’s still musically active. Can you throw any light on this?
    I’d appreciate any help you can give.
    PS Worked with Bert during the ’70s, first when I was at Charisma Records, then again briefly for his management Bruce May. Sent him an email a few weeks ago but didn’t get a reply sadly.

    1. Hello Colin
      Thanks for the email regarding Duffy. My last contact with him was
      when Quincy Jones was recording in London and was looking for a
      harmonica player who could play blues. I told quincy that iwould try
      to locate Duffy (no easy task as Im sure you know) but luckily we
      managed to find him.Quincy took him under his wing knowing what he was
      letting himself infor but he loved Duffys playing. The bad news is
      that all this took place in the 70s and i have never seen him again.
      If he is dead I am really sorry as I worked with him quite a lot and
      loved his playing. Sorry I cant be more helpful. All the best
      Terry Cox.

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